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No matter how many fake favourable reviews Elite phone & computer repairs / Elite communications / Dell repairer/ Apple repairer or any of the other names they go under post, they will never get away from the fact that they are SCAMMERS.

Because if you scam hundreds of customers you're going to get away for so long but then a time will come when the amount of people scammed gets too big and those people start demanding justice. That time has come Elite of church street, eccles Manchester, the people youve scammed are not going away.

You think that by ignoring us and ignoring court orders we will go away well we wont !!


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of other product. Elite Phones And Computers needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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IF you want your money back and feel you to be genuine have guts to approach and talk and not like barking on the roads scaring people around with no outcome....someone might hit back for the fame funda you are trying to get.

to Anonymous #1034841

1. Every single one of us have tried to "approach and talk" to you about the issues we've faced.

You have either ignored, threatened, sworn at, hung up on or laughed at us when we have done so. (This list is not exhaustive.) So don't you dare tell accuse us of not having the guts to approach you. You are the one who is drowning in a river of mounting court judgements and terrible reputation. So how about YOU have the guts to come clean and finally face the music about what you've done and how you've treated people for so long.

At least it'll help you sleep better at night. Each day you come on here posting fake reviews or having others do it for you, how does that make you feel? Can you honestly tell yourself you're a good and honest tradesperson? Do you feel that with every desperation-reeking fake review you are helping yourself?

Do you think that will make everything go away? And for those who work for you, shame on you. I can sympathise to a certain degree that our jobs are crucial to us and we need money to survive. But for the love of god, catch a grip.

Leave these monkeys. With every fake profile you create to leave a new review you are placing yourself on the same level as these crooks.

2. "Barking on the roads scaring people around with no outcome." This doesn't even make sense!

If I'm correct and what you're TRYING to say is to raise the matter with yourselves, please refer to point number 1.

3. "Someone might hit back." What even is this?

A threat? A desperate last attempt at intimidating us into silence?

to Anonymous #1035397

You need to get a different script and stop copying and pasting. You are a sly little coward who thinks he can bully people.

to Anonymous #1055864

You left this comment on Yell where we established that you work for them. So unless your going to refund my money you scamming theiving liar ...

Go away.

And don't give me your thinly veiled threats because you don't scare me. You may have got away with bullying other customers but I will keep on warning others about you.

to Anonymous #1056052

You say Someone might hit back ... threatening customers youve ripped off is not a wise move. Just shows you up for the scammer you are.

to Anonymous #1056312

How dare you threaten the customers you've ripped off. Who do you think you are ?

You will get what's coming to you when you are prosecuted. 600 complaints have been received about your scam by Trading Standards.

All the evidence of your fake reviews and threats is being logged as well.


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to go for the best services of PCRC Repair shop. I hope you will definitely like it.

to pcrcuk #1035399

And this is your pathetic attempt at making it look like the reviews are from a company trying to 'defame you'. Ffs you are so desperate !!

to pcrcuk #1055868

What a pathetic attempt Elite. Trying to make out that customers you've ripped off are a company trying to shut you down. Why would any company be worried about your back street shoddy repair shop with nearly 600 complaints to Trading Standards.

You really are idiotic and you're making such a fool of yourself.


I agree, they are a bunch of swindling, two-faced crooks on the market. My phone took over a month to repair (for a simple crack in the screen) when the said it'd only take two days.

Despite emails and phone call, they never replied.

Eventually the phone was returned covered in glue and the screen has an oily substance swimming around behind it. After a month the phone failed so I asked for a repair under their warranty, they wanted another £17.00 for postage and £25.00 to investigate.

Avoid these at all costs.

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