I sent my phone to them, as it was rebooting on occasion, and not fully charging, they said that it was a software fault, and needed a re-flash, to which I informed them that i had already factory reset, and re-flashed the firmware via Kies, they then went on the say that this is a common fault with samsungs, bowing to what I thought was greater knowledge, I agreed the repair, a week later still no phone, I call them and asked for an update, to which they said they sent to one of their other branches for repair, at which point i asked for it to be sent back, I received it back today, only it's not mine. the screen has been replaced with a broken one and the phone and the phone doesn't power on, definitely not how i sent it, I called them, and they insisted that it was my phone and asked me to check the IMEI, on the sticker on the phone, which did match the one the box, but i couldn't check the on on the phone as it doesn't power up, seeing how they took it apart to fix an issue, this could have been quite easily swapped, I have given them the benefit of the doubt, and am now resending them the useless brick back to them, and asked for my phone reboots and all to be sent back to me, at least it was working. I wouldn't recommend these chancers to anyone

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