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Sent my samsung galaxy tab a in for them to repair the screen. Initial quote was £48 plus Vat. I had to pay £17 for them to collect it. I got my tablet back after 3 weeks. The total cost was £179! The tablet now does not charge at all! Its now unusable. I Have requested a refund and they wont process one unless i send the tablet back! I refuse to send this back to them after paying them £178!! God knows what state it would come back in. I wish...
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Wish i would have read reviews before using. The estimate was £67 final cost was £90.49 no call to discuss extra money just an invoice, avoid there are better out there... Vat is not added on poor customer service, didnt knock my deposit of 1st invoice. cowboys avoid at all costs. cant believe they didnt call to dicuss extra costs, called about price and the guy who i spoke to to wasnt interested, sounded like he does it every day, poorly...
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I liked
  • Pick up
  • Quick repair
  • Initial booking in
I didn't like
  • Being lied to and having extra charges
  • Additional charges and rude service
i have had my nexus 7 collected by these sheisters. they collected for a charging issue. after a week - not 48 ours, they said there had been a short circuit on the motherboard thereby incurring a further £35+VAT charge. Being someone with a tech background, i aksed them which parts they were replacing on a solid state motherboard, as there were no moving parts on a nexus 7 motherboard. i heard nothing for 2 weeks, so i informed the police,...
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I didn't like
  • Scammers and untrustworthy
I collected my tablet after two months of so called "repairing" because they ignored my constant requests to return said tablet to me and they had failed in their commitment to make a repair in a few days. The broken screen had not been fixed (a new screen, supposedly, had been fitted and subsequently removed again???) and I was no longer able to charge my machine (I made sure it was fully charged before I sent it off for repair). I would...
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Found this company on web and assumed that they worked on Apples behalf [THEY DONT] The service was very good in as much as we left an enquiry late on the evening and they were extremely prompt in ringing us back the next morning.We explained that I pad had been dropped and screen had cracked and needed to be replaced. They quoted us a pricewhich was accepted and they arranged for UPS to collect. UPS Collected and we tracked parcel and goods...
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I sent my Samsung tablet to Elite for repair and was promised a 48 hour turnaround. The only problem with the tablet was a cracked glass screen, the LED screen underneath was ok. After numerous enquiries (phones calls, emails, web site messages) and many, many promises and excuses (usually along the lines of the tablet being in the final stages of repair) it was returned to me 3 weeks later. This was after an attempt was made to overcharge me...
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Booked kindle for screen repair. They charged £17.50 for deposit. After several days I started asking for updates and I was told several times to bear with them. After 12 working days they asked me to pay the full price of £96 (without deposit taken off) and it was returned with scuffs and scratches around the edges. It worked for a day, then after the battery ran out I tried to charge it but the screen started flashing on and off. I couldn't...
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I sent them my Nexus tablet for repair and about 6 weeks later am still waiting for any word from them. I guess that for the moment it is the end of my Tablet, until I can send them my best wishes and hope they break a leg or to on their scam through life.As I have not received at least a ransom demand I will keep an eye out for how I can do more than rant at them. Copying my email to them will not help, so I will not be providing any evidence...
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I didn't like
  • Not receiving a coherent and answer to my query
Do not use! I have just had my Samsung Galaxy Tab fixed by them and would not recommend them for the following reasons: - Their quotation changed from a reasonable price to a more expensive one if I wanted to remove the "bubbles" on the screen repair. I therefore had to pay more. - Their quotations over the phone do not include VAT so appear cheaper, this is not made clear. - Once they have your device you can only communicate via email. - I...
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Got Quote to fix tablet told £57.50 later told quote should have been £67.50 to pay £17.50 deposit ups picked up then fixed to pay£83.98 paid item returned same problem told fixed try another charger told them tried 4 even bought another samsung charger not working .The told neeed to return to manchester from glasgow at my own expense not prepared to do that went to I Repair in glasgow quoted £40 they replaced charging port gave old...
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