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Apparently the screen had cracked. When I declined and told them I would use my TV as a screen, they would refuse and insist on fixing the screen for £300-400. After 6 emails back and forth, they basically said ok. But now there a hard drive problem. I did not hear from them in weeks, they never mentioned the hard drive issue again. However they did say something like "ok ok, I'll fix the broken glass for free. but another problem has come up...
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I was searching to see the repair shop that is within walking distance of my house. I visited Elite phones and computers and Left my computer in here two weeks ago and they said they would call me about it when it was repaired. The flutters of my heart have calmed and now I know that even if my computer decides that it no longer wants to operate or that it would love to eat that dissertation I've been working on and I'll never get it back. It's...
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