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Elite Phones And Computers - Trading standards FOI Request 10 of 11 people found it helpful
I paid for a service of my mobile phone screen to be fixed, initially quoted £120 and after my phone was kept by the company for 3 weeks I was charged a further £35 for a motherboard problem. The phone was apparently collected by UPS ready to be delivered back to myself after a month. The phone magically got lost in transit and UPS have granted a claim to Elite for £450 for the loss. In the meantime I was struggling without a phone and needed to...
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The screen fell out like it had never been glued in. I rang them and they said it was covered under warranty and they would fix it. I was told I needed to pay for postage, which was £7 due to value of phone. They lost it in the post room for 2 weeks claiming my details were not on it. Luckily Royal Mail had a signed for contact when I rang them as I had sent it recorded. Elite then emailed me saying I had tampered with it and would have to pay...
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I sent them my phone only because quote was £59.first I lost a day to wait for an courier to pick up my phone and instead picking my phone Wednesday he came Friday. Then I got message from repair team that my phone is fixed and to get my phone back I have to pay £167. I would never send them my phone if I would know it will be that expensive. I did find place where they can fix my phone for £80.Unfortunately I lost two weeks already.As I have...
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From reading the reviews after I sent my phone I braced my self for a bumpy ride but I was pleasantly surprised. I has a cracked screen on my Nexus, the phone was collected on a day I chose, the repair did take a bit longer than their 48hr promise but I was charged what I was quoted (plus the VAT which is completely obvious). The website could be improved to change when the balance is paid as it's not very clear when you have paid. All in all...
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Sent a Motorola phone in for a replacement head phone socket having been told they had the replacement part in stock. After a week I had had no contact and they told me the part they had was incompatible. When I pointed out they had said they had it in stock I was told they had the right part, but it was incompatible!! After three week of chasing they said they couldn't fix it, and yet blackmailed me with wanting more money to return it....
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If only i had read the reviews first here and NOT on their website. I was just about to send my Samsung note back to them in order for them to replace with a new phone ( as per the claim ) . I will NOT bother now. These people have no morals. They are rude and work a SCAM. UPS lost my phone apparently after being repaired (i will never know) It took UPS 14 days to decide they could not find it. Claims process took another 10 days. I reckon UPS...
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I didn't like
  • Bad customer service
  • Not fixing problem sent in for
  • Lies about their technical capabilities
Everything else was working (viber, skype, internet...) I googled them before I sent my phone for repair. It has been with them for more than three weeks, today I got it back and touch screen is not working at all, it wasn't even problem when I sent it, I can't use my phone at all. It's even worse than it was, and they charged me 57,50 pounds to ruin my phone.I am very sorry that I have ever sent t the phone to them, I should read reviews...
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I didn't like
  • Did not fix
  • Terrible repairs
Wish i had read the reviews about this company before - they are clearly masterminds at deceiving their customers!!BEWARE that they have hidden tax sneakily in their quotes and they dont mention a word of it in their telephone quote either and then they whack you with a no choice £50 extra when you go to pay for VAT while they hold your phone ransom and claim they are legally able to get away with it because of a tiny asterisk and fine print in...
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Elite Phones And Computers Cell Phone Repair Review from Halesowen, England
Absolutely despicable customer service.Kept my phone for over 2weeks And still did not repair it. Communication is nominal they do not address any issues and are extremely rude if you are (un)lucky to rech them on their number. Charge a depait to take ypur phone the free uote is a scam. They charged me another £12 to send my phone back and i am still waiting for it. Avoid at all costs.Have complaoned to Trading Standards
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Had my 15 year old daughters phone sent off for a screen repair with a charger. Had my charger stolen, the box i sent it in was wrecked due to the heavy anounts of tape on it. Had it one day and screen cracked under my daughters thumb and cut it while texting. The glass ised wasnt even correct and the button is sunken in the screen is also suffering from technical issues and when touched gives an electric shock. They refuse me when i want to...
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